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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Country Of Alphabets

These are strange times in the country of alphabets especially after a landslide of new scams emerged before the public eye recently. Alphabets are losing their faith in the country’s leaders. Yes, the country of alphabets is a democratic country where C is currently the ruling party and had won the last election by a show of hands. Not everyone could vote off course, only the Vs. All the Vs had great faith in C but now the times are changing. Every corner of country is bustling with heated discussions about what should be done.

A : I have lost faith in the system. How did everything get so fucked up all of a sudden ?

B : It was always fucked up actually, we just happen to notice it now.

A : V should never have elected C, that guy’s a waste of time. He outright lied to win the elections.. V should have never trusted him.

B : Didn’t u say something about B the last time ? And J . And P if i remember correctly.

A : Yeah ? Well this time I mean it. Things have never been worse

B : I don’t think the problem is the alphabets V elect but the very system by which the elections are held.

A : What do u mean ?

B : I mean V don’t have the power to make a change

A : Actually V have all the power, V are just too lazy and uncoordinated to bring about a change.

B : No, what I’m trying to say is that just because a majority agree on something doesn’t necessarily make it right. Sometimes its the minority that’s right. The problem with democracy is that it puts too much faith on a large group of people.

A : I think the problem with democracy is that V are all idiots.

Yes, these are strange times indeed.

C figures that in this time of trouble the country badly needs cheering up. C calls a press conference to make an important announcement.

C : We are facing a very bad year. But we cannot let this affect us too severely. I have thought long and realized that we need a symbol of hope and prosperity to keep our spirits high – we need a mascot. I announce that our country’s new mascot is none other than the alphabet I. I stands for the country and is representative of our bright future.

O : Sir, but how will it solve our problems ? I will only shout sensational meaningless things to get everyone’s attention. That doesn’t help the country in any way whatsoever.

C : Dont worry, I will do wonders for this country. I will remove poverty and ensure every citizen of this fine country gets all the basic facility.

O : What about U ? The mascot the last govt choose? U failed to deliver on any of the promises. How do we know these are not just pipe dreams?

C : U will be not of any of use to this govt, I will handle everything. Don’t worry. Trust us. U pretty much sat their and did nothing the last time, I will not repeat this. I can do absolutely anything and U cant stop us.

Despite C’s best efforts, the most alphabets still have a good share of cynicism and seem sick and tired of hearing the same things again and again. After the conference C meets the I and.. aa.. uhmm

Well I don’t really remember the rest of it, but this is definitely more than meets the I.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


A : Do you think you are stupid ?

B : Yeah, sometimes. I mean people are always calling me that.

A : stupidity has become very common now days and with each passing day its becoming more and more difficult to spot it

B: yeah thats true

A: but i have always wondered one thing. how do stupid people know they are stupid ?

B : good question

A : i mean REALLY think about it. If someone calls u stupid. It doesn’t necessarily make you stupid… cause maybe he's stupid. In which case his judgement is invalid. So inorder to know if ur stupid u'd have to find out if he's stupid

but u cant

if ur stupid

so how do stupid people know that they are stupid ? u see what i am saying here ? its a fascinating paradox !

B : haha yes

A : so if u were to ask two diff people if they were stupid the one who would admit that he is, is more likely to not be stupid. isnt it amazing !

B : yeaah

A : which means in this conversation, there is higher probability of me being stupider than you. …which would be ironic.. cause this conclusion has been achieved through my own thought process…which means i've realized that i am stupid.. which means there is good chance that i'm not

so basically.. there is very good chance that we are both not stupid

B : haha i feel smart

A : Unless ofcourse.. based on my first conclusion that “stupid people wont realize that they are stupid”.. I have subconsciously tried to prove that I have realized my own stupidity .. so that I could prove that I am not stupid.

What do you think ?

B : i have to go now