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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Sad State

Its amazing , it really is !

We are considered to be next emerging power along with china with a growing economy and all the rest of the crap which u read in news paper every now and then. But still we live in a time where a student after his 12th doesnt know what he wants to do. Its ok to be confused as a teenager but whats worst is that he/she is never given a chance to think about it and follow his heart most of the times.

Ask any kid after his 12th what he wants to do and he will almost always reply engg or medical coll. Its not because he is intrested in that field (i mean this is not true always but this is the case most of the times). The reason he says this is because his brain has been wired ever since he was kid that when u grow u either grow up to be a doctor or a engineer. I am sure many people opt for many different choices but there numerous other who never really make their own decision cause their decision is already been made by their parents.I mean it is soo sad to see these people making such an important decision blindly.

The problem , i feel, is our way of thinking more than anything else. Sure u can blame the govt or the education system or the fact that we r still a developing country but the truth is that we need to change out mentality - as students , as parents and as a society.

As students we r seldom encourage to explore our skills and talents to find out what we r really good at. One should not just follow the crowd. We r given brains for a reason. We must find out what we r good at and what we really want to do in life. Dont just join a course and enter a coll because ur parents say so or because ur friend is studying there.We must change the way we think as students.

As parents we need to change the way we treat our kids. Many times people know what they wanna do but their parents dont support their dream. The kid is sometimes even scared to tell them what he really wants to do in life.Parents must have an open and honest relationship with kids so that they can fearlessly say whatever is they have in mind. Apart from this parents must also recognize the skills their child and support their dream rather than discourage him by forcing him to take a safe path. Life is full of ups and downs, learn to take some risks and have faith in ur child.

As a society we r major contributor to fact that so many kids just blindly take up the in demand courses and colleges without thinking what suits them. We pressurize the kids to performing amazingly gr8 every single time. Even before 12th, kids are often considered dumb if they take streams like art or sometimes even commerece. Instead of thinking about the kid's interest we simply assume the fact that he or she just wasnt good enough for science.This is where we as a society need to change our mentality

Although it might not seem so ,this is a major problem we r facing right now.If only we would let people follow their dreams and encourage their efforts we would win a lot more trophies, a lot more awards, a lot more medals, a lot more world cups and most importantly a lot more smiles !

The method to my madness

Since u have nothing better to do than read my thoughts let me start off by telling u the reason i choose to give my blog the title "The Method To My Madness". Often i have heard of people talking (mostly on sitcoms) about what they want written on their tombstone. While i , being a hindu, would clearly would never have a tombstone but still the thought got me thinking on what would i like written on my tombstone. Perhaps it might come useful incase i grow up to be someone famous or rich. In that case if someones gonna write a biography on my life then such a title would surely come in handy.
This might sound stupid , just like most of my other future posts, but i believe everyone fantasizes about growing up to be somone popular and famous. Why else would people sing in bathroom, practice speeches for awards they probably will never get and many more such thing which people do. I too fantasize about such things and so starting thinking about this.Who knows maybe they'll make a movie on me with the title.
So the title had to something which would obviosuly relate to me. I am usually the kind of person who is shy among some people, but among my friends i speak off the top of my head. I say anything that comes to my mind. I am sort of a freaky mad kind of guy. Thus i finally came up with the title "The Method To My Madness".I know its not completely original. I am not sure where i have heard this title but i am pretty sure it has been used before.
So there u go, thats the reason for choosing the title.