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Saturday, January 15, 2011


"So ur an artist, huh ?"

"you could say that..yeah"

"so you must be really good at drawing and stuff"

"no, not really. i kinda suck at it actually"

"wat ? how can u be in the art line if u cant draw"

"u dont necessarily have to be good at drawing to be an artist."

"ofcourse u do ! wat kind of an artist sucks at art !!"

"art isnt all drawing...art is in everything we do"

"le salle..aise toh anyone can be an artist"

"yeah..anyone can be an artist"

"matlab acc to u even a barber is an artist then !"

"yes..y not ? even a barber is an artist ! "

"do u realize that wat ur saying is complete nonsense ? "

"hey, u started it ! "