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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Triangles of Life

The One that started it all









 Happiness II 




Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My Design Portfolio
A collection of freelance graphic design i have done over the last yr

Its funny how priorities change with time. This month last yr all i wanted to do was finish my animation study and get a job but now all i want to do is make movies while hoping to earn money through freelancing my various skills .. one them being graphic designing. This is because getting a job in an animation studio might leave me with less time and energy to make movies. But on the plus side a job will get me a fixed income. So lets see how that pans out.

I guess my movies could also earn some in competitions and stuff. Cant count on it though, usually the boring "message wali" movies end up getting all that and then of course there is the complicated case of copyright. You see, I use copyrighted stuff cause i cannot afford to have good original music in my movies. Even if i could afford it i would still probably go for the copyrighted stuff that already exists. Dunno why. Actually i do but cant really explain it or maybe dont want to.

PS. You can check out my short films here -

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