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Thursday, November 10, 2011

(M)AD World

In the crazy world of advertising, everything and everyone is for sale. Every living being, every inch of space is looked upon as an opportunity to make money or take advantage of. The brilliance of advertising is that despite being absolute opposite to everything an artist or art would stand for, advertising has somehow managed to come under the "Creative kaam" category.

An advertise of any kind is not a work of art. Art comes from the heart, it has something to say.. something that the artist feels inside him. Could be right, could be wrong but it has be an honest expression. If u find an entertaining way to sell toothpaste, ur not an artist. Ur someone capable of being an artist who is using his potential to sell toothpaste

"The greatest damage done by advertising is precisely that it incessantly demonstrates the prostitution of men and women who lend their intellects, their voices, their artistic skills to purposes in which they themselves do not believe " [wiki]

My boss says "If it doesn't sell, its not creative". Even a half witted moron could find the flaws in that argument but the reason i bring it up is because that is essentially the philosophy of the advertising industry. Anything that helps sell them stuff is good otherwise wats the point ? It could be brilliant new idea that could change the way we perceive things but wat good is it if u cant use it to sell a soap.. or a car .. shampoo.. something.. anything !!

Imagine 3 kids. One is bright and one is rich. Rich kid wants the bright kid to do his homework and he is willing to pay. The third kid realizes this and talks to the bright kid
"hey see that rich kid. He's a friend of mine. You do me and my friends homework and i'll pay you 5 bucks"
Then goes to the rich kid and says
"hey see that bright kid. He's a friend of mine. You pay me 10 bucks and i'll convince him to do ur homework"

Needless to say, that kid is the advertising industry. In this world, there are people with talent and there are people with resources. Then there are the talentless dumbfucks. And now i work for them. This should be fun

*** UPDATE ***

I've now quit the hell hole after 3 months of torture. Never again, i swear.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Omegle Fun

# Stream Of Conciousness

# Untrollables

# Pulp Fiction

# One Word Troll

Monday, August 1, 2011

A pretentious poem unleashes itself..

In the dark lonely abyss called life,
many-a lights i've got.
But one shines different from the rest,
brightest of the lot
with the grip of a preying snake,
it holds my every thought
She's a girl i hate to love,
but cant help not !

Ups and downs of time have come,
without a bat of an eye,
ran along the hills of life,
and happily did survive,
but now reveals a twist in tale,
and begs to question why
this path has come my way today
and if its worth a try

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Narmad International Film Festival Inauguration

10 : 25 am
Sleep deprived and rain drenched, i reach the place where i'll get the pass for the inauguration. I've been advised to reach early or else i might not get a place to sit.

6 : 15 pm
I'm there. The pass says that the inauguration starts 7 pm "sharp"... i seriously doubt that.

7 : 13 pm
Finally we got to go inside the theater. I've no problems finding a seat. More than half the theater is empty at the moment.

8 : 24 pm
Still no signs of starting the inauguration. Some guy says the guests are on their and will arrive in a few minutes. They plan to have a screening of Subhash Ghai's "Cycle Kick" after the inauguration. This is threatening to go past midnight.

8 : 37 pm
An old couple, 5-6 rows in front of me, start clapping sarcastically along the with their daughter to protest the delay. Youngsters in the last 2 rows follow suit. Unfortunately by the time i gathered the courage to join in, they stopped. Groups of people are beginning to get up and leave.

8 : 50 pm
The awesome old couple have had enough. They leave with their daughter. i think i should too.

8 : 55 pm
I see a girl at the other end of my row. She is all alone, just like me. She's typing furiously into her mobile, just like me. I wonder if she's typing for the same reason. I wonder if she has a blog. Could her blog be better than mine ? Naah wat am i thinking.. i've got jokes, comics, philosophical ideas and shit.. my blog is awesome. Suck on that lonely girl ... man am i bored !

9 pm
Finally.. it begins. Subhash Ghai enters.. people clap.. some kid yells "yeh kaun hain ?". Bunch of dudes and deepa mehta on stage now.

9 : 15 pm
I've lost count of the numb of dudes that have come on stage so far. Deepa Mehta still the only lady there. Epic music plays in background as they light the whatever-u-call-it thing. From the sounds of it one would think the entire human race has just been brought back from the brink of annihilation.

9 : 20 pm
Some super old film historian is called on stage and the first thing he says is - "In matters of punctuality, it seems we have a long way to go ! " or something. Crowd goes wild.. claps all around. Its official - old people are awesome !

9 : 40 pm
Subhash Ghai ends his speech and with that my patience. To hell with his movie, i'm outta here.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Triangles of Life

The One that started it all









 Happiness II 




Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My Design Portfolio
A collection of freelance graphic design i have done over the last yr

Its funny how priorities change with time. This month last yr all i wanted to do was finish my animation study and get a job but now all i want to do is make movies while hoping to earn money through freelancing my various skills .. one them being graphic designing. This is because getting a job in an animation studio might leave me with less time and energy to make movies. But on the plus side a job will get me a fixed income. So lets see how that pans out.

I guess my movies could also earn some in competitions and stuff. Cant count on it though, usually the boring "message wali" movies end up getting all that and then of course there is the complicated case of copyright. You see, I use copyrighted stuff cause i cannot afford to have good original music in my movies. Even if i could afford it i would still probably go for the copyrighted stuff that already exists. Dunno why. Actually i do but cant really explain it or maybe dont want to.

PS. You can check out my short films here -

Facebook Page - www.fb.com/ChaChaProds
Youtube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/ChaChaProds

Saturday, January 15, 2011


"So ur an artist, huh ?"

"you could say that..yeah"

"so you must be really good at drawing and stuff"

"no, not really. i kinda suck at it actually"

"wat ? how can u be in the art line if u cant draw"

"u dont necessarily have to be good at drawing to be an artist."

"ofcourse u do ! wat kind of an artist sucks at art !!"

"art isnt all drawing...art is in everything we do"

"le salle..aise toh anyone can be an artist"

"yeah..anyone can be an artist"

"matlab acc to u even a barber is an artist then !"

"yes..y not ? even a barber is an artist ! "

"do u realize that wat ur saying is complete nonsense ? "

"hey, u started it ! "