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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

30 Day Challenge Fail

Fresh off from failing to make a decent short film for 48 hr film fest, i took up a 30 day 3 panel comic challenge in the month of january in the fb group Dehli Comics Kala Samagam and failed miserably yet again. As the name suggests, i had to make a 3 panel comic everyday for 30 days. I lasted a week. Anyways, heres whatever little i could manage to do.

Day 1 : Big Picture

Day 2 : Invictus

Day 3 : Hilarious

Day 4 : Negative Space

Day 5 : Garbage बिन

Day 6 : Idiot Box

Day 7 : Douchebag Bhanu

This was an inside joke on a guy who shares a lot of great links showcasing work of far superior artists thus making us feel worthless.

Day 8 : Spirited Away

So yeah.