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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Temporary Death

Death is a little underrated.
Life wouldn't be the same without it.

The main problem with death is that its eternal.
Take that out and it doesn't sound too bad.
I wish I could be dead for like a week.
It’s the perfect vacation. An extended version of sleeping. 
Why did you miss the project deadline?
I was dead
Why didn't you come to the wedding?
I was dead
Why didn't you come to my funeral?
I was dead
Ok but agli baar zarur ana.

Log tang aa jayenge.
Arre yeh bhi koi time hain marne ka.
Jab dekho tab maut maut maut.
Bus yahi ek kaam ata hain.
Woh Sharma ji ka ladka dekho, 2 saal se zinda hain.

It’d be interesting to see how religion deals with it. Cause death is like the one of the main reason we have religion I think. For all its talk of morality, religion actually survives largely on mortality.

Once you take death out of the equation, religion doesn't really offer much. Life would be the same without it.