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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


- amusing craptacular dodecahedron of ridiculousness

- currently living in a "wonderful example."

- Before i had a job, i had all the time in the world to do what i wanted but no independence to do it. Now i have all the independence in the world and no time to do it... sigh !

- Sleeping is a disease. An addictive need to waste time lying down and doing nothing for hours on stretch. They should find a cure for sleep.

- PEWP : Please Explain Without Profanity

- I like to talk. Talking is beautiful thing cause its mutual and not obligatory. Someone can just get up and leave and yet he/she chooses to stay and talk.. to be willing to share thoughts and listen to yours.. secrets wishes fantasies fear.. like a book which u can put down anytime u want but you dont.
Wat more can u possibly ask of someone ?
Sex, i guess.
Yeah that would be it.

- You know how sometimes there is so much that you wanna do that you somehow end up doing nothing at all ? Yeah thats what I'm doing nowadays.

- moooo . i'm a cow

i wish i were a cow

a Scottish cow

then i'd make shortbread

but i'd be a lactose intolerant cow

i don't like milk so lactose intolerant it'd be

i'd be a spotted bird

white with black spots

and i'd have no friends

i'm a schizophrenic cow

- Disassociated vignettes, like snippets from a dream or a visual stream of consiousness

- Hard times are like good times...except that they are hard.

- On December 31, 2009 the song was declared "The Song of the Decade" by the listeners of the Israeli radio station "Galgalatz"" and the surfers of the Israeli news website in Ynet spite of the fact the song was released the previous decade.

- I dont understand why people say that the only thing constant in the universe is "Change". Wat about Pi(3.14) ? ..... and yeah there's also Imaginary unit(i) .... and few hundred more i think.

- I hate the words "hard work". It has almost become a compulsory virtue for the entire mankind ! U can never say i dont work hard, i just work normal and get away with it. Normal isnt good enough for anyone anymore. No being hard working has becoming unacceptable in this world ! See, I dont have anything against hard work but its not for everyone, we should all realise and learn to accept this. I dont work hard , i simply work. deal with it !

- Why are some people always in a hurry to do things , to get things, to tell things ? Whats the rush ?

- Some people have a problem when u talk about them while some have a prob when u dont. But the real prob is that these two statements are not mutually exclusive to a single person

- Every night I scream in silence

- If u don't believe in Murphy's law, make a film.

- Always in shit , only the depth varies . Read it somewhere

- In the medieval universities students were taught "Trivium" which consisted of three things - Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric. However as time went by and the human race progressed we stopped teaching the last one for some reason.

- I was trying to type the word "stuff" and accidentally typed "stfu" instead only to later realize the latter was more appropriate

- Read this in a forum somewhere :
"I have figured out what the internet is. You know what they say about an infinite number of monkeys hitting keys at random on an infinite number of typewriters for an infinite amount of time? Well the internet is like that. There is some big cosmic alien running that experiment here in order to find the answer to some big question or to create the greatest piece of literature known to the universe. From what I have seen so far I am sorry to say they are going to be greatly disappointed."

- I dont understand people who wish birthdays saying "have a blast".Isnt there enough terrorism in the world as it is ? Another thing that bothers me are wishes which go like "njoy..and have fun". So redundant.

- There are people in this world who bargain with the auto guy for 5 bucks and then happily walk into a coffee shop and order the 50 buck drink

- Its amusing for me to see parents trust institutes they hardly know over their own children. I mean its so weird to see them giving lakhs of rupees without blinking an eye in the name of "Education". Ask ur dad for 5 lakhs and 4 yrs time to get a job , he'll probably kick u out of the house.

- Dont change. Unless u want to.

- I have more control over my life than most people of my age in my country. No matter how i end up in life, i will never regret this..NEVER

- People often mistake my carefreeness for my carelessness. But i dont care cause when i am careless i am carefree enough to let it go.

- Quality is inversely proportional to quantity, as long as time is constant.

- If there is a god, he/she is quite clearly incompetent and insecure

- Its funny how social networking sites are making me anti-social

- The prob with democracy is that most of the us are idiots

- Less sleep, less food,
less work, no good.

- Trust is a very important thing in life. If u don't trust people, u'll never know if u snore

- You know, if u type the same word repeatedly long enough u start getting a feeling that u have spelled it wrong. A wonderful sign of low self-esteem.

- In a music review i read recently, the reviewer described the lyrics of a song as "psychoanalysis written as poetry". Probably one of the best compliments a lyricist can get i think.

- Sometimes life seems a lot like the "La Momie" game on facebook. You have to take those numerous excruciating hits and bumps just to get that feeling of flight for a fraction of second. But when its all about to end and u see how far u have come in ur journey, u realize that more than anything else, it was those painful hits that got u there

- If ur hungry long enough, u get used to it.

- Sometimes I feel i should never bring another human into this world out of pure disgust for the human race.I am not bitter, I'm just sad.

- Why do so many people believe in god but not in aliens ? Maybe its the assumption that god is good while the aliens might pose a threat.

- It seems very unfair to me when people complain abt me not taking care of how i look but have no problems with other people's vanity

- A friend of mine called me "seriously insane" on a networking site for uploading too many pics which mocked/opposed religion. Wonder if i would have got the same reaction had it been pics celebrating religion instead.

- Saw a 14 yr old girl in a skimpy outfit dancing to "Beboo, main beboo" from the movie Khambakht Ishq. Ironically, and sadly, it was for an award show celebrating women empowerment.

- "Nothing to worry about. You are just on the verge where one comes to face death" Osho tells one his disciple in the book "A hammer on the rock". Not exactly a good counselor, this guy.

- i have 27 people online and i am not talking to anyone

- Saw a bird(it was a crane, i think) chasing another. It was beautiful

- Use horns ! thats such a dumb idea ! might as well tell them to be cautious while driving ! [some guy while arguing with me over the need of more magnetic lights or something on hilly areas to inc road safety]

- "Hey look, its the stripper from the kid's show", Bart Simpson

- "Abey woh couple haina Tanaz-Bakhtiyaar, usme woh husband ka naam kya hain ? tanaz ya bakhtiyaar ?" , Parth [while discussing big boss]

- "Landscape of a dream", a really good phrase i read in some book about screenplay writing

- A facebook status read "Leave me alone" today. funny thing to say on a networking site

- To hell with free smses , my thumb is paining

- "Ek toh bichare ka khoon ho gaya upper se uske baal chamak rahe hain", ACP Praduman [CID]

- No matter how busy i am, i always find time to tell people abt it on facebook

- I used to burst a lotta pimples under my lips and eventually the skin turned dark in that area. Now it looks like i have a goatee. Its funny how things work out sometimes.

- Read an article today about Bangladesh govt awarding a farmer for killing 83,000 rats to protect crops. He kept their tails as evidence. "This is an exciting moment. i will continue to kill them" he vowed.

- Saw a video of two girls slapping each other for 40 seconds. somehow everyone really liked it