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Friday, November 23, 2012

Sunburn T-shirt Design

My entry for the official sunburn t-shirt design competition. To help me win go to the link [http://contest.ilogo.in/design/OnTheMove-parth.gohil@gmail.com] and click on "like". Or not. You know. I mean i would like you to "like" it but no obligation and all. It would nice though. But you dont have to. I'm fine either way. No pressure or anything. Its just a click but u know, whatever u wanna do is fine by me. So yeah. You're the boss basically is what I'm trying to say. So if you dont, I can totally understand. Prize money is 50,000 though, thats a lotta money you know. 50k man, that would go a long way. So yeah, think about it. I mean not think about it but just you know, information that will help you decide if you should vote for me or not. I'd hate to force someone to do it though. So yeah. Just do what u want. I'm gonna stop typing now.

The design was choosen to be 6th best.
Prize Money 10,000/-
Thanks everyone !

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